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In Korup, local eco-tours can be organised to include single or several night visits to the national park, boat tours to Pelican Island or Idenau, or a culture walk to a village or a combination of several options. A boat trip from Idenau on the coast through the creeks and mangrove swamps to Bulu harbour, some 10kms south-west of Mundemba is spectacular. By boat, tourists will enjoy a 4-hours boat tour from Idenau to Mundemba. Mangrove villages, mangrove palms, fishermen and the Pelican Island are tourist attractions to bird watchers, recreational tourists and wetland researchers. Boat tours to or from Douala port are also possible.

Hiking and Camping

Although Korup National Park has no roads more than 115 km of hiking trails criss-cross the southern sector. Three self-catering tourist camps are located within easy reach of the Park entrance including Iriba Inene Camp, Rengo Camp and Chimpanzee Camp. All of them provide safe drinking water and feature screened sleeping accommodation, bathing point, pit latrine and kitchen. A variety of outstanding natural features can be visited from these camps including Mana Waterfall, Rengo Rock, Bat Cave, Big Boulder and Namata Ledges. Boat trips to explore the nearby mangroves and Pelican Island can also be arranged from Mundemba.  

Tours to PAMOL plantation and factory visit can also be organised


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