Welcome to the Mount Cameroon Region

Nature & Hiking
Explore the highest mountain of West and Central Africa with its unique and breathtaking landscapes. Due to drastic changes in altitude you will enjoy a marvellous journey from mangrove forest at sea level, evergreen lowland forest, sub-mountain and mountain forest and the savannah above 2000m. Discover the outrageous evidence of active volcanism like lava flows of recent eruptions (1999 and 2000), crater lakes, caves or waterfalls. You can easily book your tour ranging from 2 hours 5 days through Mount CEO.
Beach & Recreation
You are not a mountaneer? You need a place to relax for you and your children? The Mount Cameroon Region offers various possibilities for swimming, boating or other sports activities along the beautiful coastline with black sand beaches, river estuaries and mangroves. Get an impression of the rich fauna and flora of the Region and visit the Botanic Garden or Wildlife Centre in Limbe. Your children will enjoy the mangrove nature trail in Bimbia Bonadikombo or small excursions e.g. the German lighthouse in Debundscha.
Culture & Society
You easily feel comfortable on our Region. The friendly and receptive attitudes towards foreigners of the indigenious Bakweri establish an open atmosphere of mutual respect. Local dance groups, choirs and artists maintain the Bakweri tradition. Don't miss to see one of the performances of the elephant dance, a mystical four stages event, performed by a secret society or a journey to the past when discovering the witnesses of the colonial era through a historical tour of Buea.
Mount CEO & Biodiversity conservation
Hunting and guiding tourists ­ how does this combination fit together? Find out more about the protection of the exceptional flora and fauna through Ecotourism and the organisation which has introduced successful community participation in the Ecotourism development in Cameroon.

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